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Founded by Maxime Dunet and Alexis Pellerin in 2015 in the midst of the emergence of eSports in France, the WarriorS eSports has since helped and trained more than 500 European players to evolve in this fantastic world of competition.

At launch, the team was to be a simple community of players from the famous games "CS: GO" and "ARMA III". In late 2015 with the arrival of Alexander Kernaonet in the staff, the team took a competitive turn and was one of the first to invest fully in the new Ubisoft FPS, "Rainbow Six: Siege".

Over time, the team grew and many players from around the world were recruited for new eSports projects.

More than a team, a family evolving in serenity, the WarriorS eSports has for mission the formation and the promotion of young talents of the French electronic sport, but also European in order to highlight the generations of tomorrow and to implant the electronic sport in the spirit of the families that accompany these young talents.

At the time of today, WarriorS eSport is an association law 1901 officially recognized by the French state and present on PC and PlayStation 4.

  • Maxime Dunet CEO Maxime Dunet
  • Alexis Pellerin COO Alexis Pellerin
  • Alexandre Kernaonet Vice-President Alexandre Kernaonet
  • Paul Maziere Treasurer Paul Maziere
  • Alexandre Perrin Advisor Alexandre Perrin
  • Yoni Kervio Advisor Yoni Kervio
  • Charles Amelineau Communication Manager Charles Amelineau

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